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Maintenance tutorials


From this wiki page, the user can consult tutorials about the Auger Monitoring Maintenance pages available from the Auger Online Monitoring Web site.

The developpers of the maintenance monitoring web site are:

The Auger Online Monitoring SD Maintenance Task is described in GAP note 2008-148.

WARNING In almost tutorial pictures (screen captures), tables are filled with strange comments, failures, actions, and crew names. Don’t worry, it is what we used in our “Sand box” i.e. our monitoring development area in Grenoble.

Available maintenance menus versus Role

First of all, to reach the SD maintenance section on the Auger Online Monitoring web site, move the mouse onto the SD menu in the header: a rollover menu appears. Move the mouse onto the “Maintenance…” item.

  • Independently of where you are connected and the role you get, you can see two items associated to the Maintenance menu: View Maintenances and View Interventions.

  • If you are allowed to manage maintenances and intervention (i.e. if you have the SD SOC role), you should see a menu enabling access to 7 different pages as illustrated by the screen shot below.

  • If you are allowed to manage maintenances, and not the intervention (i.e. if you have the SD Expert Role) the maintenance menu contents 3 items:

  • If you are a crew member (crew role) then the menu “Report Intervention” is displayed in the item list.

Maintenance main page

If you click on “Maintenance” item of the SD rollover menu, you get the following Welcome page, from where you can directly access one of the previously mentionned pages: View Maintenance/Intervention or New Maintenance/Intervention, according to your authorization

Access to tutorials pages

From the following list, you can find tutorials about every maintenance menu you can access.

  1. For all users :
    • View Maintenances The list of maintenances can be browsed from the View Maintenances page
    • View Interventions The list of interventions can be browsed from the View interventions page
  2. For SD SOC and SD experts
  3. For SD SOC only
  4. For SD SOC and/or crew
    • Report intervention : it explains
      • from the Report on intervention page, how a crew member can report about the intervention done
      • the form to fill to close the intervention.

When you are on any Auger Online Monitoring SD Maintenance web page, corresponding tutorial can be displayed by the link “user” or “shifter” on the web page footer.

User contributed notes

Below this point there could be questions asked by users (SD Experts, SD SOC, Crew, shifters) and the answers given by the maintenance pages developers


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