Wiki software last updated 28-Jul-2014 - Comments to Ruben Squartini <>

This is outdated, since we moved the repository to the svn at KIT.


To develop you need an account in Lyon CC. The procedure to get such an account is describe on this auger page.

If you need to contact someone please send a mail to :

CVS Setup

For a cvs web consult, go to cvsweb.cgi script (use the 'very very' old login / password).

The repository is in Lyon under the AugerMonitoring/ item.

  • Make sure you have set the secure shell variable. If not, type: setenv CVS_RSH ssh (tcsh shell)

or export CVS_RSH=ssh (bash shell)

  • If you are using a machine which can be afs-client (use klog -cell in2p3 to log in), set
  • If you are using a machine which cannot be afs-client, set

Checking out the code

Go in the directory where you want to develop and simply do :

cvs co -d AugerMonitoring AugerMonitoring

all the code will be under the AugerMonitoring directory.

The code is divided in separated modules (WebSite,DataToXml,XmlToSql,Alarms), if you're interested in only one module, you can take it directly with :

cvs co -d Module AugerMonitoring/Module

Checking out an specific code revision

The monitoring code is being tagged to keep track of the evolution of the development code and be able to reproduce it at any time. To checkout a given tag of the code just add the tag name after the -r statement as follows:

cvs co -r <tagname> AugerMonitoring

Receiving commit informations

All informations about commits will be sent to the AUGER_OBSERVATORY_MONITORING_CVS@FNAL.GOV list (that is defined in the CVSROOT/loginfo file in the repository).

To subscribe to the list, read Subscribe.

Note: if you are using an afs client (CVSROOT=/afs/, automatic email sends are not enabled (because the CVS access method is implictly :local:). To enable them, set the shell variable CVS_SSH to ssh and when you commit do not use cvs ci but cvs -d ci.

Quick and light CVS tutorial

Have a look at this simple tutorial.

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