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Developer guide

Minutes of meetings

The minutes of meetings can be found at: MonitoringMinutes

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists that you can subscribe:

To subscribe :

  1. Send an e-mail message to
  2. Leave the subject line blank
  3. Type “SUBSCRIBE AUGER_OBSERVATORY_MONITORING Firstname Lastname” (without the quotation marks) in the body of your message.


The work is organized in different tasks, please join by adding your name on the following page : TaskOrganization.

General scheme

The general scheme of the Monitoring application is described in augermonitoringscheme.

Here follows a basic description of the different items (for a detailed description, follow the links).

  • AugerMonitoring on cronos : this is the new webpage related to the CDAS monitoring on cronos
  • ComponentsStatusToXML : its goal is to analyze the CDAS and Comms status and to produce some logs output in xml. Shouldn't that part go to the Nagios one ? FIXME
  • AnalysisToXML : its goal is to perform some analysis (batteries discharging for example) and to produce some logs output in xml. Depending on the data used (in CDAS or better already stored in the DB) it will run within the CDAS world or directly on the mysql server.
  • FDMonitoring : FD is also using also the Apache/MySQL/PHP techniques to build it's monitoring system. It is integrated in the common AugerMonitoring framework.
  • FDReplication : FD uses 4 MySQL servers for the monitoring. We use a master/slave replication system to transfer the data from the eyes to the central MySQL server computer.
  • XMLToSQL : its goal is to insert in the database all the informations sored in the MySQL files (it's the only place where you have to know the exact MySQL structure).
  • DatabaseStructure : in these pages you'll find all the informations concerning the databases and tables stored in the MySQL server
  • MySQLManagement : some scripts will run to produce alarms, manage the tables for MySQL optimization, reduce or delete data after some times…
  • DatabaseMonitoring : the MySQL server has to be monitorred by an external process that checks everything is all right…
  • WebSite : it allows the user/shifter to access all the relevant informations.
  • Mirroring : the MySQL databases will be mirrored in Lyon and/or FNAL to allow its uses by Auger members. Offline can use it (we will have to discuss that).
  • Nagios : We must maintain a regular surveillance over the server hosting all the monitoring software to ensure it works properly.
  • sysadmin : General remarks and documentation for the server administration
  • DataToXML : OBSOLETE its goal is to parse all the data fluxes and store the data in a xml data file. see datatoxml.
  • T2XML : OBSOLETE this software opens current second_….dat file (in /Raid/var/Ct…) and keep on scanning it until new day. It updates in real time the Ls behavior with respect to the t2 they send. see t2xml.


The data is stored in a huge DB. The original is hosted in Malargue with limited access, since it's priority is shift operation. The in real-time replicated copy in Europe is hosted on The read-only access is open using the standard Auger-passwd. The web-interface is located on, instead.


Please follow the instructions on the developer starting page.


How to implement alarms is decribe alarmdevelopment.

The current list of alarms is available here.


We need to discuss the advantages and defaults of Bugzilla

Tracking informations

What's the best way to keep track of things (shifters logbook, CDAS changes…). A wiki already exists (you're actually reading it). What do we need ? How to organize things ?

Hardware for the Monitoring Software

After many discussions and with the economical support of Netherlands and Spain groups the new computers that will drive Auger Monitoring Software are in Malargüe since November 2007. Look at: Hardware

Monitoring services at Lyon (ccin2p3)

We also have to discuss about mirroring monitoring services at Lyon. The reliability would be much more better at Lyon than on our machine at APC. But we need to define which services / softwares we need. Discussions at Mirroring.

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