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Configuring MySQL

Configuration MySQL servers (replication...)

The FdMonitoring will use a chain of MySQL servers to feed the PHP webpages. At each eye there will be a server running on the EyePC.

In CDAS, Malargue, there will be a dedicated database server, running four MySQL daemons (mysqld), one for each eye, each using the replication feature in MySQL.

In Wuppertal we have a test setup of the proposed Malargue MySQL configuration. We are simulating the complete FdMonitoring chain:

Installation reports

Table Structures

see Variables


see Alarms

Stored Procedures/Functions

There are stored functions used in the FD-DB's. To see how they are defined have a look at the function definitions.

  • phpMyAdmin, a web-interface for server administration, maintenance etc.
  • Some interesting and useful extensions to MySQL can be found at UDF extensions
  • see also Links

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