Wiki software last updated 28-Jul-2014 - Comments to Ruben Squartini <>

Alarms for the FdMonitoring

We plan to store the alarms for the FD Monitoring in a MySQL table. These can then be accessed and adminstered using the PHP interface (see php), see: FDAlarms daily snapshot (Wuppertal)

In addition a set of daemons will run in the background. On an alarm condition the MySQL server will call these daemons, resulting in QT windows on the monitoring PCs and an audiable alarm. These will direct the shifter back to the FdMonitoring website in order to accnoledge the alarm and take any necessary action.

Tables definitions

The definition of the table has moved to the augermonitor tables definitions.

UDF (User Defined Function) for MySQL

A user defined function can be added to MySQL like so:


where contains a C-function, as described in the MySQL manual.


TRIGGERs are a new feature in MySQL 5.0. This feature allows us to check the input into each table in the database, and check for certain conditions, resulting in an alarm if parameters are outside their limits. In the case of an alarm the TRIGGER will call a UDF, as described above. This UDF will then produce a QT window for the shifters, providing a URL in to the FdMonitoring website.


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